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Drs. John Kiang, Nick Paquin, and William Gordon look forward to treating patients in a comfortable, relaxing, modern setting using state of the art technology and techniques. They are both attending doctors and educators in their respective specialties for NYU-Lutheran Medical Center at St Joseph Hospital in Providence, RI. Our practice differs from others, because it allows for ALL facets of children’s dentistry and orthodontics to be done in our office from cleanings to sealants to fillings and ‘caps’, to tooth removal, space maintainers and orthodontic treatment. For anxious patients, we offer sedation or ‘sleep dentistry’ as well as nitrous oxide or ‘laughing gas’. Getting to know our patients as their teeth erupt and as they grow and mature allow them to develop comfort and confidence going to the pediatric dentist and orthodontist. We treat each patient together, sharing pertinent and necessary information so that their worries, biases, and past treatment history shape how and what we recommend for future treatment. We also provide all services our patients will need ‘under one roof’. In addition, adult orthodontics is among the services we offer. Drs. Gordon and Kiang complement each other in their work, and communicate with each other in their respective specialties and review pertinent information and x-rays regarding each patient they treat so that everything the patient needs from ages 0 to 21 is done comprehensively, jointly and entirely in our office for your convenience.

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