Orthodontics For Children & Adults

At Sutton Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, we give you the ability to have your child’s dental treatment through braces and beyond taken care of under one roof.

Whether it’s anything from Invisalign to Sedation dentistry, we are pleased to be able to provide the highest level of care to you and your child.

Additionally, we provide Adult Orthodontics and we are one of the top invisalign providers in the country.
It is recommended that at age 7 your child be seen by an Orthodontist. This gives us the ability to review your case through a unique consultation experience. This visit will get your child on the right track and determine if and when it is the right time for Orthodontic treatment.
The majority of our patients who are currently wearing braces are between the ages of 9-14 years old. This is an excellent time to begin as your teenager is still growing, allowing Orthodontics to work as effectively as possible.
Orthodontic patients above the age of 21 years old increases every year. Many of our patients fall into this age range and we are well experienced in every area regarding their treatment. We are one of the top Invisalign providers in the country. This service is rapidly growing with adults. To learn more, check out our Invisalign page and find out if Invisalign is right for you.
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